Great lunch citycentre Utrecht

22 juli 2021
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Great lunch citycentre Utrecht

Visited for lunch on a Saturday with family of 4.

Informal atmosphere. Focus is not on white linen but on good food. Everything we ordered was good quality.

(+) for the flexibility. We could order anything on the menu (lunch or dinner menu) and even make changes like leaving out or replacing something. They also had no problem setting an extra plate for our 3-year old who loves to share from out meals but doesn’t eat a full meal himself.
(+) for the fresh ingredients. You don’t want to know how many restaurants work with half products or even ready-to-go from the wholesale these days. Especially in deserts you often recognize the same products. When you receive your creme brulee and it’s still hot from the bunsen burner, that’s a good sign 🙂

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